Catit Senses 2.0 Digger Cat Toy

With this slow feeder, your cat’s natural urge to hunt will emerge playfully and naturally! 

The Catit Digger has two cup formats, namely a long wide and short narrow type, to challenge your cat and keep the experience interesting. The small cups only fit into the small openings, and vice versa. You get to choose which cups you put food into.

Thanks to their rounded ends, the green cups are paw-friendly, and they also fit almost any cat’s paws! You can also insert (small) toys for some exciting playtime.

The base has a sloped surface so that stray bits of dry food or treats will eventually slide down to the basin at front. You can also add some extra kibble to the basin to draw your cat’s attention. Your cat will first eat the food that is easiest to access, and then they have to work a little harder and get more creative for their treats. What’s more: the base is wide and stable, making it nearly impossible to knock over!


  • Keeps your cat active and entertained when you are not at home

  • Wide, stable base cannot be knocked over

  • Easy to disassemble and clean