Cody Bison Collar - Petit

The Cody Petit has been thoughtfully designed for small dogs and puppies with a small D-ring and a narrow, lightweight buckle. These stylish collars are made of an exclusive rare bison leather which is extremely high-quality and is known for its rustic natural appearance and suppleness.

The bison leather comes from sustainable and strictly controlled breeding stock, and because the graining of every piece of leather is different, each item created is completely unique. It is like a fingerprint, meaning no two products are the same. In addition to its rustic, natural look, bison leather is also pleasantly soft and supple to the touch, making it incredibly comfortable for your dog to wear.

The discreet design of the collar is tastefully highlighted by the bi-colour workmanship and for added decoration, the collar is adorned with a metal emblem featuring a bison motif which is a reference to the exclusive bison leather material. It also features a bison leather removable keyring although this can also be left on as a further embellishment.

Every individual item is produced by hand in the Hunter factory in Germany.