Greyhound/Whippet Collar - Rom with Tassel

Extra wide dog collar from the quality brand Hunter, made of soft soft cowhide with decorative coins and tassel.

Wonder where the Rom dog collar got its name? One of the first European mentions of windhounds dates back to the second century AD, by a Roman historian. At that time, greyhounds were popular helpers in hunting. This collar harks back to this history with a series of antique styled coin decorations. This means that windhounds in Europe can already look back on almost 2000 years of history - in Asia, these dogs had been accompanying mankind for around 6000 years. When you walk with your greyhound, you are literally in the presence of living history. In terms of quality and comfort, the collar is contempoary in deisgn with a carefully processed soft full cowhide which is gentle to the neck and fur of your dog and thus very comfortable to wear. 32cm only