Mini Go! with Ease Hands Free Leash - Peach

MB's bestselling leash, thoughtfully designed for the little ones in a lighter version. 

Featuring a 3-in-1 technology, the GO! with ease hands-free leash is here to revolutionize the way people walk their pets. 

It can be worn around the waist or shoulder using the ultra resistant hardware, or even as a regular leash. 3 different ways to use. 4 colors to choose from. 

This leash was designed to provide better control than hand held leashes while enjoying a hands-free experience. It might just be our favourite leash yet.

Recommended for dogs up to 9kgs.

  • Adjustable waist and shoulder attachment piece
  • Adjustable leash to control dog's distance
  • Custom maxbone woven nylon webbing
  • Clips on both ends of leash
  • Clips have screw fastening for added security
Adjustable shoulder and waist attachment piece: 73.5cm - 135cm
Leash attachment: 105.5cm - 151cm
Leash Attachment as hand held: 82.5cm - 127cm
Leash & attachment piece widths: 1.25cm
Leash Weight: 230grams
Sizing note: Attachment piece can comfortably fit a women's size small up to a men's size extra large