Nounounou Petite Enrichment Toy - Pearl Plush

petite + plush

Nounounou is an extra small version of the popular Nou (pronounced like noo in noodles) - a play object for both your pet and you. To make it fun, you will need to get creative in making various shapes with them. Nou can be a pretzel, a boating knot, a tossing ball or a tug of war rope. Works like an enrichment toy, treats can be hidden in the knots and rewarded when your pet successfully unknots them. 

Nounounou is designed to be slightly shorter and slimmer for creating smaller play objects for XS pups or teacup breeds. It is silent and we encourage you to use it as an enrichment and training tool!

the delicate texture not only protect your pet's mouth but also avoids damage to the teeth and gums
• all seams are double stitched and reinforced for rough play
• measures approx. 120cm long and 2.5cm in diameter when unknotted.

Each pup plays differently and we recommend you keep a close watch particularly during the first time a new play object is introduced. No toy is completely indestructible, so please supervise the play to ensure safety if you know your pup is not gentle with toys.

CARE: Machine wash gentle cycle and air dry. Vacuum the surface for easy cleaning in between washes.