Pet Hair and Lint Removing Brush - Self Cleaning

This Lint and Pet Hair Removing Brush is self cleaning and is an essential for home, in the car, at the office or even in your handbag. 

It features a unique inner rotating mechanism that effortlessly removes and stores hair or lint into an inner circular chamber in a matter of seconds. Simply swipe it gently over the fabric surface and the fur or lint gets instantly picked up by the brush. To dispose of collected hair or lint simply twist and eject the top portion of the lint brush and neatly toss the contents away. No refills required like with traditional lint rollers - it is completely re-useable and there are no sticky papers to dispose of.  Super easy to use and clean, it features a modern design and can also be used on carpets, furniture, clothing and more! Lightweight and perfect for travel. 

Sizing: 18.5cm (length) x 4cm (diameter)