Finding the Perfect Fit

Finding the Perfect Fit

Finding the Perfect Fit

Want to get the perfect collar, harness or coat fit for your dog? Read on to learn how you can easily measure your pooch to ensure their new accessories are comfortable and secure.



If you’re not sure which collar size is right for your dog, we recommend measuring his or her neck and comparing this against the size chart of the product you are interested in (where available). Alternatively, you can contact our team with your dog’s neck measurement so we can help you select the right size.

Collar sizes are measured from the buckle to the to the first and last holes along the collar.

To measure your dog's neck, place a tape measure around his or her neck – just below midway down, where the neck is slightly narrower. Insert your index and middle fingers into the tape measure loop to allow for breathing space – ensuring the fit is snug, but not too tight.

If your dog is between sizes, we recommend selecting the next size up. If your dog has an existing collar that fits comfortably and you are simply looking for an upgrade, you can also measure your dog's current collar – from the buckle to hole most often used – as a guide.



Like us, dogs come in all shapes and sizes. A 25kg Labrador will have a vastly different body shape to a 25kg British Bulldog, which is why it’s important to factor in their body type and measurements when selecting a harness.

To fit your dog correctly for a harness, you only need two measurements: the neck and the chest. First, measure your dog’s neck as you would measure for a collar (see above). Then measure your dog’s chest, taking care to fit the tape measure around the widest part. This is usually measuring from the bottom of your dog’s rib cage, just a little behind the armpits of his or her front legs.

Most harnesses are adjustable, to allow you to get the best possible fit for your dog. If you get stuck, please visit us in-store with your dog, or contact us with their measurements so we can assist you.


Tees, Hoodies & Coats

Whether your dog needs a little extra warmth in winter or they simply like to look their best in the latest fashion, Charli & Coco offers a wide range of pet apparel to keep your dog looking sharp.

Measuring your dog is the best way to determine the correct fit. Just like measuring for a harness (see above), you’ll take your dog’s neck and torso measurements. You’ll also need to measure the length of your dog’s back – from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.

You can compare your dog’s measurements against our product size charts (where available), or contact our team so we can assist you. If you’re located in Christchurch – or passing through! – you can bring your dog with you when shopping in-store, so we can help you find a tee, hoodie or coat that fits them comfortably.


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