Spring Must-Haves For Your Pets

Spring pets must haves

With the warmer weather finally here we find ourselves outside and more active, and our four-legged friends are no different! With more opportunities to get out and enjoy Spring there are a few must-have products that will make your activities more enjoyable, and safer for your pets too.

Here are our top four:

1. Collars, Leads and Car Restraints

Dog collars, leads and  car restraints

It's the perfect time to explore the great outdoors! Whether you're just off for a walk around the block or on a hiking adventure, our range of collars and leads come in a variety of exciting new summer colours and patterns. Options include retractable, adjustable and traditional rope style leads and many come with D-rings to attach our handy poop pouches and biodegradable poop bags.

2. Shampoos and Pet Towels

Pet towels, Dog towels and shampoo

Who doesn't enjoy a dip in the ocean (or lake!) on a warm Spring afternoon? With our range of natural shampoos and conditioners that are sensitive skin friendly you can keep your pooch looking and smelling great no matter where they've been swimming  And for an easy dry off before jumping back into the car don't forget to pick up one of our fun summer printed pet towels.

3. Cleansing Wipes

Cleansing wipes for pets, paw wipes

With allergens rearing their head during the warmer months, an easy way to quickly and easily clean-up between baths is to use cleansing wipes. Convenient and compact packs of biodegradable wipes made with 100% natural ingredients teamed with our soothing balms will keep your pet clean and ease skin irritations.

4. Brushes

Dog brushes, shedding brushes

It's that time of year when you start noticing copious amounts of fur everywhere.  Luckily there's a brush for every dog. From slicker brushes to palm brushes and even shampoo dispensing brushes we’ve got you covered. Shedding is an essential part of the coat's natural cycle and your pet will thank you for helping to rid them of excess hair as the weather heats up.

Whatever adventures you decide to go on, you and your pet will be equipped to make the most of it - so get out there and enjoy the Spring months while they're here.

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